Product Facts
Is your milk fresh?
Yes. It is most likely the freshest you will ever have. Milk delivered to your door by your IDD milkman is less than 24 hours from the cow! Dairy products are usually delivered to grocery and convenience stores a few times per week, often from a central warehouse. By the time you buy it your milk could be 3 to 5 days old – or older.

Milk is milk – isn’t it?
Alta Dena was the 1st to certify their milk to be rBST free. RBST is a growth hormone some dairy farmers inject cows with to increase milk production. Lots of other dairies claim to be rBST free, but no other dairy certifies it. Also, Alta Dena is Real California Milk. Other dairies who deliver in Southern California bring milk from out of state. California demands the highest standards for milk quality and nutritional value. Real California milk is "good – and good for you!"

What kind of fresh juices do you deliver?
We contract with Perricone Juice--a Southern California fresh juice company that supplies us with fresh orange juice, fresh grapefruit juice, tangerine juice, and several others.
See the full list of juices available.

Alta Dena DairyGood Heart OrgnicsCCOFPerricone JuicesReal Organic Milk Langers Juices Good Heart Orgaincs

* For more information on the products we distribute, please go to the producer's website.

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