Delivery Faq's
There is still a milkman?
Yes! The Independent Dairy Drivers are a collective of independent milkmen who deliver Alta Dena Dairy products and fresh juice products to homes and businesses throughout Orange County, CA. Many have been delivering to homes for more than 30 years. In fact, Alta Dena Dairy was started more than 50 years ago by a single home delivery milkman. He believed there was nothing as important as the purest, freshest, highest quality dairy products. He combined this with reliable service. The IDD continues to operate with these ideals.

When are the deliveries made to my home?
The milkman quietly leaves your products at your doorstep before 6 in the morning on your scheduled delivery day.

What about changing my order or stopping deliveries for a vacation?
Each milkman has a toll-free telephone number. If you will be out of town a simple call with the stop and restart date is all it takes to postpone your delivery. You can also leave a note at your door to add to or change an order.

How do I start service?
Simply call our Orange County customer service number, 714-991-MILK (6455), from 10 to 2 on weekdays, or send us an email ( We will promptly answer your request.

Do I have to place an order each week?
No, but most of our customers find they use the same quantity of milk each week. We deliver your "standing order" each week unless you alter it with a note or phone call. We also stock a supply of yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and many other fine products on the truck so that you can add to your order simply by leaving a note for your milkman.
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* For more information on the products we distribute, please go to the producer's website.

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