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Our Story
Our history dates back to the inspiration of quality dairy products reliably brought to the home – straight from the farm.

The Independent Dairy Drivers was formed in 2001. We are a cooperative effort, started and maintained by Home Delivery and Wholesale Distribution milkmen. One of our primary goals was to unite the strengths of our individual businesses to give us more buying power; that enabled us to compete with big box stores with fair prices for our customers. The IDD is the result of that entrepreneurial effort. Some of our members have been delivering milk to homes and businesses in Orange County since the 1970's, and we currently have associates that are 2nd generation milkmen. The IDD route owners are independent individual businessmen – each dedicated to providing reliable service and the very finest, freshest products; the same quality experience we want for our own families.

We proudly offer the very finest products, including Alta Dena Dairy products, Good Heart Organic Milk and Perricone Juices.

The milk products we bring to you really are the freshest available. The milk arrives from the farms; it is tested for purity – the most rigorous in the industry - bottled, and then sent that evening the few miles down the freeway to our depot. That night we bring it to your door – from farm to you within hours.

We believe you will find something very special in the experience of having our friendly reliable service!
Alta Dena DairyGood Heart OrgnicsCCOFPerricone JuicesReal Organic Milk Langers Juices Good Heart Orgaincs

* For more information on the products we distribute, please go to the producer's website.

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